Since Dec 2014

Zumba NXG | New Cross Gate 

in walking distance of Brockley, Peckham, Deptford, New Cross & Nunhead

Ready to invest in yourself and make a commitment to your fitness and health? Check out the membership options for best value:


Kickstart Membership

Who you are:

Looking for something fun which will keep you fit.

You want to do something fun which will also keep you fit. You don’t have much time so need a flexible option.

Transformation Membership

Who you are:

You want to get fit or lose weight.

You are looking for something to help you make a real transformation in your fitness or body shape but need it to be fun.

Premium Membership

Who you are:

You are serious about getting fit or losing weight.

You are really serious about fitness or losing weight or you just LOVE dance and want to do as many classes as possible.

“...I’ve noticed my fitness has improved and I have definitely dropped a dress size, and other people have noticed as well...I just love it, my energy levels are up!” 

Caroline (Transformation Membership)