Since Dec 2014

Zumba NXG | New Cross Gate 

in walking distance of Brockley, Peckham, Deptford, New Cross & Nunhead

Success Stories


"...I have noticed my fitness has improved. And also I have definitely dropped a dress size and other people have noticed as well. I tend to come about 3 times a week, which is great for me. I just love it. My energy levels are up as well..”

" fitness has definitely improved from dancing..."   

“I was going to the gym and things but I was getting very bored of the gym. I was getting very bored of the treadmill and stuff like that. And I wanted something a bit more fun fitness. And my fitness has definitely improved from dancing around. I’ve done Zumba before but its been a while since I’ve done it properly. Everyone here is really cool and fun and everyone just goes for it. The classes are really fun and they definitely make you sweat. And I think the Dance Funk Fitness is really good cos its got a variety of stuff with the toning as well and you get a good stretch. I think my fitness - I notice I don’t flag as much as I did in the beginning, by the end of the class I’ve still got quite a bit of energy to go.”

Payal and Judit

"...I've got to know more people..."


"...when we left, we felt like we had done something really good for ourselves..."



"...I never thought that I would say that I love exercise, but I do!"

"...I've become more positive and relaxed..."
"I was diagnosed with Major Depression and my GP suggested that I start doing exercises to help me cope and to keep myself busy.  It took me a while to convince myself to attend the Zumba classes but in the end I persevered and turned up not knowing what to expect. I had absolutely no reservations [about joining Imogen’s classes] because I immediately felt welcomed and it is a pleasant and a non-judgemental environment (especially for someone like me who struggles with self confidence). I have enjoyed every single class. Imogen is patient, friendly and she makes us work hard and very importantly she interacts with us! [I have] lost weight, met new friends, my mental state has improved so much and my friends in SA commented on the fact that I've become more positive and relaxed!"

"...I feel more supple and energised..."
As a retired 60 something, my exercise regime was lacking in regular commitment. I had access to a gym but would go and exercise but stop when I got tired or fed up and it was not particularly fun. I did walk quite a lot so I felt my fitness levels were okay. When my daughter suggested Imogen’s Zumba classes I agreed to go with her to see if I liked it as I had never even seen a Zumba class before. I did not know if I could keep up with the class or whether I would feel daft as I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm. My first class was delightful. I did a lot of laughing and had fun. Although I could not keep up with the steps, I did not feel nor was I made to feel, daft or hopeless. During the class I was so busy concentrating on the steps and music that I did not notice what any of the other ladies were doing and I hope that it was the same for them. I therefore did not feel the odd one out who could not do the steps.  I finished the first class full of adrenaline and a satisfaction that I had exercised for the full 45 mins and had had fun. Each class has given me the same feelings since. The routine alters slightly each class which keeps it fresh but I still do a lot of laughing and exercising at the same time. Two good combinations. For me one result of doing the classes is the knowledge that even with my two left feet and no sense of rhythm, I can still do a Zumba class and not feel stupid. My energy levels have increased and I know that if I miss a class I will feel sluggish all that week until I get to my next class. The best result from the classes are that I feel more supple and energised.”


"... I can feel my stamina coming back and definitely feel stronger..."

"Before I started the Zumba class in January, I did not work out for over two years at least! I was not sure I could fit in, as I took dance classes a long time ago, and if I had the stamina to do it. It's been very positive. The class, the people, and Imogen is very laid back. It's clear that she wants to have fun and she brings a very energetic and positive vibe to the class. She puts us at ease and she is encouraging to everyone. My best result is that I can feel my stamina coming back and definitely feel 'stronger', as opposed to totally shattered after 5 mins of dancing. On a bigger scope, I have improved my lifestyle, definitely more healthy, caring about eating the right food as well as working out every day, for the first time 'ever' in my life. Awesome and intense."



"...My stamina's up & my weight's down..."

"I wanted to find a friendly, flexible & convenient exercise class, where I could both get fit and have fun. I was a bit nervous, since I'd never done Zumba before & didn't know how I'd get on. [Working with Imogen has been] fun and rewarding. I always look forward to the class - it's a good laugh, there's no pressure & I feel good about myself afterwards. My stamina's up & my weight's down!"



"... Imogen made it easy to WANT to come to classes every week..."

"Monday to Saturday was split between work, children and caring for my elderly dad...a very tiring week as you can imagine. I thought I would feel out of place, but that NEVER happened. It's been great, by that I mean Imogen made it easy to WANT to come to classes every week and I've met and spoken to a few women from different cultures and age-groups and I've enjoyed this very much. [The best result I’ve had from working with Imogen] is the difference I feel in my body days following the classes and the fact that I have NEVER [before] been able to work up a sweat...this is a FIRST. I'm now looking forward to combining the classes with the 5:2 diet (which I'm starting this week)."


"...the classes really helped me to feel confident and in shape for my wedding over the summer..."

"I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for your dedication and for the fantastic classes I’ve enjoyed. I can’t believe I have been going for over a year - I have enjoyed it so much- more than any other exercise class or gym- and the classes really helped me to feel confident and in shape for my wedding over the summer. You are a natural teacher and a very talented dancer"